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For decades, people and organizations have been trying to resolve youth problems such as academic difficulties, drugs, pregnancy, juvenile crime, behavioral health issues, lack of workforce readiness and more. These efforts have shown poor results. The problems of youth are often caused by persistent poverty, lack of parental family management skills, racism, and lack of support and opportunities. Because of these issues, many youth experience difficulties in school, have poor decision making skills, little to no sense of purpose and lack of appropriate skills or access to cause change. Even with help youth are not automatically prepared for college, work, or life.


CNEnterprise is a nonprofit 501(C)3 organization that has decided to structure itself in a manner that can help cause change in the life’s of youth and the community. CNEnterprise was founded by Cory Norman, a coach, mentor, educator, and now child advocate in the community. Through sports and education, he has touched the life’s of many youth in sports and academics. Through this process and goal driven vision, CNEnterprise has come to fruition.


Why CNE?

Parents will choose CNE’s middle school tutoring & mentoring programs because they know they’re getting a much needed service that leads to better grades, test scores, and a confidence within the student that they’ll carry with them into high school and college. By working with students at their own pace, we put them on a path to success, instilling a desire to learn and strive for excellence. Make the right choice for your middle school student and contact us today to discuss middle school tutoring for your child.

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2 September, 2019

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Coach Norman drills home court, community fundamentals

“Just helping youth, that’s kind of what my passion is, to help kids and everything.”

AMANDA BEAM | Local Columnist Mar 9, 2019
Cory Norman/Bryant Northern Back to School Clinic 2019

“Former Jeffersonville basketball standouts Cory Norman and Bryant Northern teamed up for what they hope is the annual Cory Norman/Bryant Back to School Basketball Clinic”

CRAIG PEARSON | Local Columnist July 28, 2019