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Middle school is an exciting time for students, being a stage in their lives that they come into their own, establish strong opinions, build friendships, and develop interests. While they enjoy more nontraditional extracurricular activities and social opportunities, middle school brings with it a larger workload and more academic responsibilities. Many students find the increased number of tests, quizzes, and writing assignments to be a bit much. These students struggle to manage the amount of work they are given.


For all the above reasons, many parents turn to middle school programs to help keep their student on track. CNEnterprise in conjunction with Southern Indiana Youth Services offers PROJECT DREAM (Dedication, Responsibility, Education, Attitude, Motivation), that offers middle school tutoring,  mentoring, and other great opportunities to students grades 3-8. Our experienced staff are equipped to address and handle all challenges your child may be facing in the middle school classroom.





In memory of Coach Lanier Hobbs. A great inspiration to everything we stand for. 


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Services Offered

Grade 6-8

Finding the right middle school tutoring program for your child shouldn’t be stressful. At CNE, we make it easy, offering a wide range of services to meet your child’s important needs.

Behavioral Health Awareness
Grade 6-12

Mental health needs in school is critically important. 1 in 5 children/youth have a emotional, behavioral or mental health disorder. 1 in 10 have a mental health challenge that is severe enough to impair how they function general.

Student Athlete Support
Grade 6-12

A small group of middle school student-athletes share many of the concerns of older college-bound students. Their concerns require additional physical training, counselor advice, and support to attain college admission and scholarships with their athletic ability.

Grade 6-12

A mentor program like CNE’s, that targets youth who are becoming disconnected from school is especially beneficial during the middle school years. This is when the first signs of dropping out begin to appear.

Technology Training
Grade 8

In the Technology Training Course students learn computer skills while practicing critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration.

ACT/SAT Test Prep
Grade 8-12

Colleges have high expectations when it comes to ACT/SAT scores. Stop worrying about whether you’ll make the cut and get ready for the exam! A high score can make your dream school a reality.





We Are Different from others

RVMS Location

Our local Middle Schools house grades six through eight and has approximately 950 students. The mission of our Middle Schools is to create an environment in which our diverse student population can acquire the skills, knowledge and responsibilities necessary to become productive citizens in an ever-changing world.

Excellent Staff

Our team is composed of great educators, coaches, and mentors that strive for excellence when it comes to the well being of youth.

Perfect Programs

Our programs are perfect for the middle school age youth. The programs we over better prepare youth for high school and raises the probability of college being in their future.